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Committed to Excellence

Ontariofiresafety.com is a Fire Safety consulting company with a distinguished reputation and years of experience. We prepared Fire Safety Plans and conduct Fire Code Consultation Reviews and Inspections, and we do that well. Our firm has submitted hundreds of Fire Safety Plans for all types of buildings all over Ontario. Additionally we are experts in Alternative Solutions, Inspection Order resolution, 3rd Party Reviews and Emergency Preparedness Training. With these services, our mission is to provide our clients with a fire safe environment with which to work, so they can concentrate on growth within their business.

Ontariofiresafety.com is a company built on customer service, experience and approved results from fire departments. President Roddy MacDonald is a Chief Fire Official. He knows what fire departments are looking for when your building has deficiencies with the Ontario Fire Code and we insure compliance. The fact of the matter remains that if your building in not in compliance with the Ontario Fire Code and you have a fire, your insurance company will not cover your costs!

Once you make the right choice and select Ontariofiresafety.com we will guarantee an Approved Fire Safety Plan with your area Fire Department, or alternatively provide a Fire Inspection and Report that is clear and compliant.

I know that life can be challenging. We are here to take the worry off your shoulders. Contact us. Its the right move